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Miles Partridge


Attention to Detail

My mission is simple: To design and remodel homes that are as awesome as the people that occupy them.

Whether you only spend a few hours at home before and after work, or you've been inside so long that you've forgotten how sunlight feels, I can almost guarantee that you would like to live in a home that is #hashtag worthy. (I mean, you're here, right?)

The most stressful part of most people's remodeling process is dealing with contractors, when it SHOULD be what flooring to choose or what color you want for the trim. I will create a detailed plan and keep you informed every step of the way so you can remain stress free (in this aspect, anyway) and focus on the things that matter to you most. I want you to enjoy the results, yes, but I also want you to enjoy the process.

Bottom line is, my goal is to make you, the client, happier than you were yesterday, and creating a home that you will LOVE just happens to be the best way I can accomplish that.

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